Wait a second!
The secrets of purrfect
happiness are downloading
ring journey
into the world of happy hormones
tailed harmony
Hey Mr Leatherman I’m gonna tell you about your happy hormones
using my own example.
of happiness
Oxytocin is the hormone of love
Purring is my way of giving you love and care, just pet me!
It plays an important role in social interactions, love and care, and strengthens bonds with loved ones.
Serotonin is the king of hormones
It affects mood, sleep, appetite, memory and concentration.
Did you know that 90% of serotonin lives in the intestines? Well, keep that in mind that when you're choosing what to eat!
Dopamine is the motivation hormone
Responsible for feelings of pleasure, motivation, movement and learning.
When I'm chasing a mouse,
I get a dopamine rush,
and when I catch him,
my hair stands on end, rrrrr.
Endorphins are pleasure hormones
Pain relievers and help you cope with stress
Meditation? No, I haven't heard of it. I have a scratching post. It's my way of finding inner harmony!
and remember that
of your happiness
Get energized with endorphins:
sports, dancing, laughing, seeing
with friends
Give and receive oxytocin:
hug your loved ones, give compliments, do good things
Fill your life with serotonin:
Nature walks, favorite music, sleep and good food
Create the conditions for dopamine production: set goals, plan enjoyable events, try new things
Purr, for now you know the secret to weaving your own happiness!
you are the source
All images were generated in midjourney, based on references of my ginger cat
Talking about the chemistry of happiness:
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